Saturday, 29 June 2019

-| Only Connect |-

With sudden unexpected showers in Melbourne, I decided to wait it out by ducking in a bookstore. I was engrossed in watching the world pass by when I read the line of two words 'Only Connect - EM Forster' 

As in life, so in art - only connect. The heart of the matter is often uncomplicated. Nor do we need so many words to get to it or share it. My theory of sketching and design is that the conception should be as clear as possible and that details should flow as a clear stream of water. You will of course encounter boulders but you will learn to go over them, around them so as not to impede the flow. If your stream gets too muddy or sluggish, it is better to put aside that piece of sketch / detail. Go to the source, go to the spring where the water is purest, your thoughts as clear as the mountain air; where there is no struggle. 

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