Wednesday, 12 February 2014

-| Parallels |- 

Embroidery and fabrication

Is there any connection between the two? Maybe not when they are just read as words.

The more our project is progressing,  the more I am able to find parallels between these two arts. Both need groundwork, sorting, managing,  detailing and execution.  and yes, the more precise the detailing,  the better the end product.

The process of embroidery starts with creating a design, selecting cloth,  type of threads,  colour palette, needles, sitting in that cosy corner with ample light and music floating in the air. I am generally in another world when I am pushing the needle in and out of the cloth, intent on  making sure the stitch is perfect for the design I had in mind. Once in a while,  I come out of my trance to look at the entire piece. The satisfaction and joy of seeing all those small stitches create a beautiful pattern  is something I cannot describe fully here.

I am experiencing similar emotions when our building is fabricated as per the details we had envisioned on paper (actually,  computer screen). We  went through the process of selecting MS plate thickness, types of weld, seeing mockups of joints, finishes, deciding the process of execution. It is a much bigger and slower process.

With vital questions asked, silly doubts raised, camaraderie formed between all involved and of course numerous cups of chai! When the structure is raised,  there is collective moment of pride and smiles. Then an urge to refine it further takes over and everybody plunges to make sure the final result is perfect.

The major difference between the two is the fact that embroidery is a very personal projection of creativity and emotions. Whereas fabrication is a combined  art of architect, structural engineer and the entire team of fabricators with all machinery. And as in any art, when one doesn't notice the details the more simple and refined is the outcome.

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