Tuesday, 3 December 2013

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Conversation with my brother (B2) and sister in law (B3): 
B2: what kind of phone do you wish to buy?
PP: Medium screen, not very heavy
(B2 and B3 exchange glances) 
B3: okay, any specifications?
PP: Should fit my pocket! 
(I was sure they were going to be exasperated soon, so I add ) 
A phone where I can call people and send messages / emails , you can decide other specs for me! 
(that bought relived smiles from both) ;) 

Well, as most of you know I am not abreast with technology. And currently have no inclinations to try as well. Not that I do not have brains for it - it just doesn't interest me. I do not feel ashamed to accept that I live in the 'stone age' of  technology - okay maybe not the paleolithic stage but more in the neolithic one ( hey I am typing this blog , ain't I!? )  

Sometimes, I feel technology traps you. You get so addicted to it, that your life circles around it. Check mails, look for updates, take pictures (not for your pleasure but for 'uploading' them),  try getting the stupid coloured jellies in line so you can go to the next level! What happened to the good old days where you chatted face to face? Where photographs were treasure troves of memories? Where reading book meant feeling the cover, smelling the ink on the crisp pages? 

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