Saturday, 7 July 2012

 -| still points |- 

We had puja at our home last week and to maximize seating for our guests, we changed our furniture layout. (And we were really proud of this flexibility!!!) But as soon the puja was complete and the guests on their way back – I changed the furniture to its original positions. I wanted to just put up my feet and relax -  and for that I had to sit in my most favored location on the sofa.

Now that poses a question - Is there a place in your home where you move towards when you just need to be?,
For most people, chances are that the answer to this question is 'yes'. 

You always sit at the same place at your dining table.  Your living room has a sofa or chair that you particularly like. A sofa placed just right where you like it.  You fidget uncomfortably when a guest unknowingly flops down on it, forcing you to occupy another chair.  A window that you like to gaze out of often.  A sideboard or shelf where everything lands up sooner or later.  A kurti that somehow arranges to land up in your hands when you open your wardrobe…

The line that comes to mind is "still point in a turning world". I think it was T.S. Eliot who wrote this – not sure . But these very things makes your house a home, changing the act of dwelling into living... In every house, regardless of whether you follow 'vasthu' or 'feng shui' or any other art of placement, there are certain things, parts of certain spaces, that essentially constitute your home; the rest of the space is subsidiary, not of great consequence, but yet necessary. Organized around these spaces you will generally find stuff that you have somehow collected over the years. If you look more closely, you may find more stuff that is just there.

In case you do not have these "still points" in your house, then you have a problem. You are not really 'living' until you create at least some of these still points in your house. Perhaps by having enough of these places, you can get a momentary glimpse of the still point that Eliot was talking about. Maybe even realize that the still point of the turning world is within you.......

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